Content development

Delve develops content for use in exhibitions, documentary films, lesson plans and academic publications. Its process commences with an audit of the archival landscape paying particular attention to documents, oral histories and visual records that tell a story about a particular theme. This material is then processed, analysed and utilised to develop content for different media.  Recent content development projects include:

  • Imagining the Khayelitsha Centre for Memory (co-developed with Vidamemoria Heritage Consultancy, Josette Cole and the City of Cape Town’s Arts and Culture Branch)
  • The Johannesburg Fort exhibition (with Lauren Segal and Formula D)
  • Nelson Mandela Legacy Project Educational Programme (with Cynthia Kros, Deirdre Prins-Solani and the City of Cape Town’s Transport and Urban Development Agency)
  • Content for Constitution Hill’s website project including timelines plotting the women’s liberation struggle in South Africa; worker struggles and LGBTQIA+ struggles for freedom of sexual orientation