Delve is a research consultancy, owned and led by Katie Mooney, focusing on heritage, humanities and history landscapes in South Africa. It adopts an interdisciplinary methodology with a solid research base which often involves delving into archival collections and documenting life histories. Delve also facilitates strategic planning in the heritage field and hosts workshops with arts, culture and heritage practitioners and educators. It draws on inputs from a range of academics, designers and heritage professionals in some of its projects.

Mooney has more than 17 years of experience as a researcher, oral historian, curator, heritage practitioner and editor. Her diverse work experience has enhanced skills in: retrieving relevant archival, photographic and oral history material and the processing and synthesising of vast amounts of material for use in heritage and conservation management plans, exhibitions, publications and documentary films among others. Over the years she has published in museum guides, booklets and accredited journals. The thread stitching her work together is historical research and a passion for unearthing, conserving and promoting South Africa’s rich and diverse heritage. Mooney is an associate member of the History Workshop, an editor and correspondent to the Archival Platformand a member of the Professional Editors’ Guild, the Genealogical Society of South Africa and the Association of Professional Heritage Practitioners.